Android-Entwickler Mathias Lin

Mathias Lin

Java-Entwickler in Stuttgart und Umgebung


Freiberuflicher Java-Entwickler mit internationaler Projekterfahrung (14+ Jahre) sowie Schwerpunkt auf Spring Framework, Grails, Android und OpenCms.

Certified ScrumMaster und Certified Scrum Professional.

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Java Skills

  • Schwerpunkte

  • Java SE / Java EE
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate - ORM
  • Groovy / Grails - Rapid Development
  • Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss
  • Android - Mobile Apps
  • OpenCms - Content Management
  • Komplementäre Leistungen

  • Datenbank-Design - MySql, Postgres, Sqlite
  • Mobile Frontends - jQuery Mobile
  • Responsive Design - HTML5/CSS3


Bayer, Hong Kong

2007-2013, Intranet

Migration des Bayer Greater China Intranet von einer Lotus Notes basierten Lösung nach OpenCms im Jahre 2007. Seither Support und diverse Erweiterungen, Single-Sign-On-Implementierung.

OTTO Group, Hamburg

2009, Intranet

Intranet-Entwicklung für OTTO Freizeit & Touristik, Hamburg, basierend auf OpenCms 7, Integration des Spring Frameworks sowie JForum mit SSO. Desweiteren 3-tägiges Entwickler- und Anwendertraining in München.

isig Ltd., Hong Kong


Entwicklung einer Android-App zum digitalen Signieren von Dokumenten. Spring-basiertes Backend, Kommunikation via RESTful web services.

Asekurado GmbH, Hamburg


OpenCms-basierte Unternehmens-Website für den Hamburger Versicherungsmakler Askurado.

Mirae Asset, Hong Kong


OpenCms-basierte Unternehmens-Website für den von Mirae Asset gemanagten Horizons ETF Fond.

FairGarage GmbH, München


OpenCms-Entwicklersupport für die teils OpenCms-getriebene Website.

Mirae Asset, Taiwan


OpenCms-basiert Unternehmens-Website für den Mirae Asset Taiwan.

Clipper Vacations Inc., Seattle / USA


Entwicklungs-Support für die Clipper Vacations Website.

Nexion GmbH, Hamburg


Unternehmens-Website für den Hamburger SaaS-Provider Nexion, basierend auf OpenCms.


2009, (nicht mehr online)

Unternehmens-Website für das Hamburger Softwarehaus SYSVISION, basierend auf OpenCms.

Private Klinik

2008-2013, (URL auf Anfrage)

Unternehmens-Website für eine private Klinik, wurde 2009 mit dem Award "Beste Klinik-Website" in Deutschland ausgezeichnet.

China Telecom, Guangzhou / China


OpenCms-Entwickler-Training für 10 Entwickler der China Telecom.

Bayer Healthcare, Hong Kong

2007, (nicht mehr online)

Produkt-Website für Bayer Diabetes in Asien.

ICD Security Solutions, Shanghai

2007, (nicht mehr online)

Unternehmens-Website für Sicherheits-Dienstleister ICD Security in Shanghai.

Hölters & Elsing

2006, (in der urspr. Form nicht mehr online)

Zweisprachige Unternehmens-Website für Anwaltskanzlei.

Gebr. Heinemann, Hamburg


Zweisprachige Unternehmens-Website für die Gebr. Heinemann.

Hansekontor Maklergesellschaft mbH, Hamburg


Unternehmens-Website für die Hansekontor.

Vodafone, Düsseldorf


UX Prototyping für die Unified Messaging App "Joyn" von Vodafone.

UX Prototyping für mehrere Produkt der Vodafone 360 Serie, u.a. VF 360 People, VF 360 Music.

United Vehicles GmbH, München


Entwicklung einer jQuery-Mobile basierten App namens "FairGarage", einem mobilen Marktplatz für Auto-Reparatur-Services.

University Saint Joseph, Macao


Gastdozent an der University Saint Joseph, Macao. Kursleitung eines 5-wöchigen Kurses zum Thema "Ergonomics in Mobile Application Development".



Port der SMS Hub Software FrontlineSMS nach Android.

Mobile Guide (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong


Entwicklung eines interaktiven Touristenführers auf Android-Basis, gefüllt mit 2 GB an Videos und Fotos rund um Hong Kong - Sehenswürdigkeiten, Shops, Restaurants, u.v.m. Web-basiertes Backend mit Content Management System.

Entwicklung diverser Apps als Subdienstleister für Agenturen


Entwicklung diverser Marketing-Apps als Subdienstleister für Agenturen (u.a. für E-Plus, LG, u.a.). Details/Referenzen hierzu gerne auf Anfrage.


Jan Schmager, Project Manager at Otto Freizeit und Touristik

"Mathias Lin hat das auf OpenCms basierende Intranet des Stationärvertriebs von Version 5 auf Version 7 migriert und gemäß unseren Anforderungen funktional erweitert. Darüber hinaus hat Mathias Lin Anwenderschulungen in unseren Räumlichkeiten durchgeführt." - 09 Nov 2009

Tom Jaeschke, Web Developer at Headsprings Systems

"Headspring Systems asked SysVision [my previous company] to take over the management and hosting of an OpenCMS web site from another vendor and Mathias served as point of contact for SysVision working hand and glove with Headspring, the other party being relieved of ownership, and Headspring's client to whom the web site belonged. Mathias proved very knowledgeable and a quite capable in managing a migration. I recommend Mathias Lin. I know anyone who uses his services is in good hands." - July 27, 2009

Uwe Strey, Head of IT at Otto Freizeit und Touristik

"I worked with Mathias Lin in an migration project for an intranet solution based on opencms. They delivered the migration in time and within budget with a high flexablility in hosting and bugtracking. Compared to another supplier they were much cheaper on the same quality and even more and better communication. I can recommend to get in contact with them whenever there is something they could deliver." - July 25, 2009

Peter Grosse, Seaside Engineers

"I know Mathias Lin and his company for a couple of years now. He is very responsive to all requests and always able to provide valuable solutions in a short time, esp. in the field of IT, Webdesign and CMS-Software. He designed and maintains our websites in a very professional way." - 08 Nov 2009

Bruno Kollhorst, Manager Internet Competence Center at ATOS-Origin

"I know Mathias Lin and his company for a couple of years now. He is very responsive to all requests and always able to provide valuable solutions in a short time, esp. in the field of IT, Webdesign and CMS-Software. He designed and maintains our websites in a very professional way." - 08 Nov 2009

Michael Jenssen, Managing Director at Urlaubsplus GmbH

"We are very happy with the co-operation with Mathias Lin. All our demands of web programming and website development were fulfilled perfectly by Mr Lin and his company." - 07 Nov 2009

Mirja Leinss, User Experience Design Lead Vodafone

"Mathias performed excellent as UX engineering consultant of Vodafone UE. He delivered high quality Android prototypes and code for launch candidates for apps and widgets in time. Remote communication worked very well, he diligently reports back to the team and proactively raised issues and identified necessary tasks." - 09. Juni 2011

Herculano Campos, UX Designer bei Vodafone

"Mathias did a remarkable work as a consultant for a Vodafone project. His deep knowledge and methodology were invaluable, specially in the research part of the project." - 11. Juli 2012

Reginal Rink, Mobile Applications Developer & Technical Project Manager Vodafone Holding GmbH

"Mathias Lin was part of my Android development team at Vodafone which I was managing as technical project manager, and it was a pleasure to work with him, delivering clean code and on-time. Furthermore, Mathias Lin has conducted an Android developer training with great success and in an interactive and very understandable way. I would recommend Mathias Lin personally and professionally any time." - 11. Juli 2011

Matthew Langham, Consultant / Project Manager Vodafone Group Services

"I have had the fortune to work with Mathias in several Android development projects and can highly recommend him. Mathias is a pleasure to work with and I value both his development and communication skills." - 11. April 2011

Janusz Leidgens, Android-Entwickler Vodafone Group Services GmbH

"Ich habe mit Mathias Lin bei Vodafone sehr erfolgreich in einem Projekt zusammengearbeitet. Ich würde jederzeit wieder für weitere Androidprojekte mit ihm arbeiten." - 28. Juni 2011

Sebastian Roth, Android-Entwickler Vodafone Group Services GmbH

"Mathias is a real pleasure to work with. His thorough understanding of both the specification and development work plus the enormous attention to detail will surely benefit him in many future projects. I look forward to cooperate in further projects." - 17. Mai 2012

Matthias Hendrichs, Managing Director bei Mobile Guide (HK) Ltd.

"Mathias has worked for me in developing the Android application for our core product 'ask Ting Ting'. His broad experience in dealing with complex tasks as well as his sharp and quick understanding of technical requirements have helped to make 'ask Ting Ting' a benchmark application in the market. I enjoyed very much working with Mathias and can highly recommend him!" - 24. September 2010